Wednesday, April 25, 2007

So much color, so little time...

Last year, our digital camera bit the dust. It just gave up the ghost....wouldn't focus any longer. It had a good life, I guess. Anyway, so I spent weeks online researching digital cameras. We needed one for around the house, but I also needed one for work...taking pictures of products, etc. We didn't want to spend too much, and although I really wanted a digital SLR, we couldn't afford it. But I wanted to find one that had the most features possible. And I did. Enter the amazing Olympus SP350. I love this camera. It has an fabulous super-macro setting that I find highly addictive. And it takes great photos.

Last summer during the annual Lee Family Big Lake Retreat Week, a challenge was extended. A photo contest to end all photo contests. Our camera was a mere couple of months old, and yet Rit embraced the challenge and set about attempting to familiarize herself with our new digital wonder.
And that's how it all started...her photography obsession. I have to admit that it delights me to no end to see her get so excited about a hobby. She loves it. I've given her a few photography books to foster this new love.

I gave Rit a photography assignment a couple of weeks ago. The assignment? Color. Go and seek out colorful shots of everyday items. Give us new perspective and make each shot single color dominant.

Wow. I continue to be amazed at the shots she shows me. Let me present to you the first of many color days. Today, enjoy BLUE: