Friday, June 15, 2012

Creatively Made Blog Hop 2012

I recently started taking some online classes, business classes...all sorts of classes. I'm trying to find my new niche. My glass business was wonderful and successful and busy, but after the boys came, that all fell by the wayside. Now, I want to play and explore with new mediums...I'm just not sure exactly what.

I joined a group of fellow classmates in a blog hop and today is the day for the big reveal. We sent a homemade gift to another classmate and waited to receive our gift in the mail. Alas, my gift never arrived, nor did the photo I was promised. Bummer.

So, although I don't have anything to share today in terms of a lovely gift created by a new friend from afar, I do want to share the list of my fellow participants. Look around and enjoy seeing the talent that abounds.

Brenda Geiger

Carolyn Carelton

Cathy Purcell

Christa Thomas

Deborah King

Jenna Alexander

Joanne Freeman

Lis Dunn

Lisa Lovestrand

Liz Bradley

Mikel Lyman

Pam Klenczar

Renee Ortiz

Renee Sendelbach

Sheila Rumney

Stacey Curry