Wednesday, February 27, 2008

And Yet Still Winter...

This is the current state of our backyard patio...or as we like to call it, The Treacherous Icy Expanse of Death.
It's several inches thick! Seriously, who needs this much ice???

Ask me again when July rolls around...

Sunday, February 17, 2008


My friend Kim Geiser came up with the fabulous idea to start a city festival to celebrate the landing of a small part of the Sputnik satellite right here in little ol' Manitowoc. You can check out the official website at It's going to be a fabulous event!

Anyway, Kim and I are putting together a fine art/funky craft fair, Artta This World, as part of the event. Anyone interested in applying can now find the application on the website.

Come and play with us!


After a long trip visiting family in Utah, I returned home with a major cold firmly engrained in my being. So fun. Anyway, I finished these onesies before I left and today is the first day I've felt well enough to get them photographed and online. Check them all out at Enjoy!