Monday, March 02, 2009

Brutal Honesty

It has not been a good day. I’m irritable and restless and generally irked. I want more….something more…anything more. And yet I realize the folly in wanting something…anything…different. It can be summed up in the old “the grass is always greener” adage.

I try to picture myself as a stranger driving down the streets of downtown small town Wisconsin…seeing the quaint houses, the small businesses, the drawbridges over the river…I try to imagine myself pulling up to my house for the first time. It has tremendous curb appeal and it’s fabulously quirky inside. I try to remind myself to focus on all I have and not to get restless…not to close my eyes and wish myself elsewhere.

We’ve had such a sunny winter…unusually sunny, I think. And yet, I’m so restless, so aimless and drifting. The icy landscape isn’t helping.

Here’s to writing a gratitude list tonight and to a better day tomorrow.

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